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The Story told through a MAP

First Black Church by State
Delaware Ezion Mount Carmel/ UMC 1789
Georgia Savannah First African Baptist 1773
Kentucky Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist 1790
Maryland Bethel AME 1785
New Jersey Mt Pisagh African Methodist Episcopal 1754
New York African Methodist Episcopal 1796
Pennsylvania Mother, African Methodist Episcopal 1792, 1794
South Carolina Silver Bluff 1773
Virginia First African Baptist Church 1756
Alabama Saint Bartley Primitive 1808
Connecticut Faith Congregational St.Luke Episcopal 1819
District of Columbia Mount Zion 1816
Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal 1821
Illinois Salem Baptist 1819
Maine Abyssinian Meeting House 1828
Massachusetts African Baptist Church 1805
Missouri First Baptist Church 1817
North Carolina St. Phillips Moravian 1822
Ohio Allen African Methodist Episcopal 1824
Rhode Island Congdon St Baptist 1819
Arkansas First Missionary Baptist 1845
Arizona Tonner Chapel African Methodist 1887
California Saint Andrews Oakland AME 1850
Florida Bethel Baptist Institutional 1865
Indiana Bethel AME Richmond 1836
Louisiana St. Augustine 1841
Michigan Second Baptist 1844
Minnesota Pilgrim Baptist 1863
Mississippi Rose Hill Baptist 1854
1865 to Present
Idaho St. Paul Baptist Church
Iowa Burns United Methodist 1866
Kansas St. John AME 1868

Montana Union Bethel AME 1866
Nebraska St. John AME 1865
New Hampshire People’s Baptist 1873
New Mexico Grant Chapel AME 1883
Oregon Bethel AME 1889
South Dakota AME
Washington First AME 1886
Mount Zion Baptist Church 1890
Cavalry Baptist Church 1890
West Virginia AZ Baptist Church 1852
Wisconsin St Mark AME 1869
Wyoming Allen Chapel Cheyenes 1878

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