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The Mission

Increasing Equity through Diversity

BluePrint Publishing was a sole proprietorship established in 2014 and is now moving to become a national non-profit 5013C, with the assembly of educators and professionals from various related disciplines.

This award winning Social Studies application of the BluePrints, uses State and National standards to audit the materials used in our schools, to establish guidelines for oversight in publishing materials and to develop more diversity in our curriculum. It is the hope that this will help to uplift students of underserved populations, nationalities and countries within the Afro-latino diaspora.

As a governing body we will: deliver professional development programs to schools, ensure that educators are trained and certified in accordance with the BluePrints, audit future publications or productions, provide consultations and peer reviewed certifications for academic writing, influence legislative policies relating to content, audit district policies to ensure that they are up to code and work together to establish a research bank to inspire student led examination of the American Story. This will eventually, impact everything from the scripts that are written, to the perspectives of national and internal discourse to impact revolutionary changes.

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